Jennifer Clements

Jennifer Clements

I am a 500 HR-RYT. I teach lightly or non-heated, Anusara and Ashtanga-inspired, vinyasa flow with my own flavor. I am most excited when as a catalyst for dramatic change, I’m able to guide practitioners find the best of themselves. That smile after the first wobbly arm balance, the energy that changes from “I wish” to “I can” and that beautiful moment when the human I am with experiences those victories drives me to be engaged in every person, wondering all the time, “how can we get there together?” When I practice now I am listening to the constant feedback loop, and listening for what I can bring out of my body and back to my teaching. My practice is currently strong, athletic and balanced. I see yoga as a pathway to appreciating my body as a force and a tool, not as an object open to judgement. When practitioners come to my class they WILL sweat, move and make room for breath and personal growth. I have learned I can bring the curious yogi all sorts of opportunities, and the mat is a great place to be in the practice of seizing opportunity when it arrives. In my class, you will find many chances to play at your edge while you learn technique and mastery.

Reach me at to schedule private yoga or for questions.

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Tilly Sherwood

Tilly Sherwood

I am a personal chef and a 200 HR-RYT. I have passion for people, food and living a well balanced life. When I started my practice I was very hard on myself mentally and physically.
I realized that I could not expect my body to do the same things that it did 20 years ago. That’s when learned to balance my practice between Yin Yoga and Power Flow, I started to take better care of myself and I slowed down. My intention in my teaching is meet my students where they are at right now, in their life or on their mat. You can expect a grounded, slow-moving practice and to access yoga in a new way in my classes. Being outside, riding my bike and loving on my dogs are some of my hobbies while I am not preparing meals or teaching yoga.

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Sarah Granberry

Photo:  @chrispix

Photo: @chrispix

I found yoga in 2011, and in my college bedroom began to develop a self practice. Post-college, coinciding a marketing career inception- I earned my first 200HR YTT in Houston at Joy Yoga and last year I completed another 200hr with Robert Boustany, at Pralaya Yoga. My current practice is dedicated, strong and mindful. I love to explore across yoga “styles” and apply what really works to my practice, find synergies within yoga methodologies, and that is the practice I bring to my students. I am an anatomy nerd and love finding intensity and depth in the smaller, less grandiose aspects of a yoga practice.

 I encourage students to center breath at the core of their practice, intentionally integrating breath awareness and mindfulness into daily life. My light-hearted style of teaching speaks to beginners and I encourage my students to focus on the “wins” in their practice. Yoga, in my life as a practice, is much more then asana - or the physical postures - my classes involve philosophical inquiries and yogic concepts to challenge and elevate the mind. I request all my students to drop expectations prior to starting class approaching their practice with an open heart and curious mind.

New to yoga? I would love to work with you privately and have a beginners private special - available to individuals or small groups - Drop me a line at to discuss private lessons.

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Saumil Manek  


I am a 200 HR-RYT and I guide a restorative yin-inspired, spiritual meditation. I embody YOGA as a lifestyle and I have practiced various types of yoga around the world. My extensive knowledge, much of which was picked up during my own personal journey has reinforced his commitment to teaching. I am also a powerhouse jewelry designer, my conscious designs are Yoga inspired and will weave my natural YIN energies through your daily YOGA practice. I will guide you to see your own strength and flexibility - on and off the mat. My mantra is "When you silence your mind, you awaken your soul". My classes enhance your ability to live with more presence, patience, gratitude and courage - letting go of fear, indecision and that which no longer serves you.  I combine singing bowls, peaceful movements and meditation to create a sweet, gentle and spiritual experience.

I can be reached at to discuss private sound bath or yoga sessions.

Ann Hyde


My teaching style has developed over 20 years and been influenced by some outstanding teachers.  Ana Forrest and the Forrest Yoga system has been inspiring me since 2004.  When I took my first class with Ana I new right away that my yoga practice was about to get up-leveled, rinsed out and re-examined in many ways.  The dedicated focus on the pillars of Forrest Yoga: Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit have helped me build trust in myself and confidence through clarity.  Instead of simply believing a concept Forrest Yoga has taught me to feel and trust my own experience as the truth.  In this way I have grown at my own pace and learned from my mistakes and my gifts. Everyday my yoga practice teaches me the importance of breath, how to skillfully breathe and feel my body's ability to change and heal.  I have felt space and sparkle glowing inside me and I can command a position on my mat and in my life.  I am grateful for all my teachers, including my students and my closest mentor, my breath.  

I have been teaching yoga in Houston for 20 years and am one of the founding Forrest Yoga Guardian (Mentor) teachers. I have been training teachers since 2007.  

You can find me on Instagram here, or find more information about Ann Hyde Yoga here.

Jenny Buergermeister

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Once upon a time, I was the owner of Jennyoga Studios. For nearly a decade we were located in the heart of River Oaks between Weslayen and Edloe on Westheimer. Those were wonderful years with so many fond memories of connection and heart opening experiences on the mat. During my tenure as a studio owner, I also founded the Texas Yoga Association, the Texas Yoga Conference, and Breathe the Cure (Breathecure), a nonprofit dedicated to raising consciousness through educating others about quality breathing programs and yoga. Besides yoga, I have studied traditional and transpersonal psychology receiving a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology in 2010, and in 2004 spent an entire summer in Irvine, California to become a Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a modality called Time-Line Therapy. I studied Jewish mysticism and early Christianity receiving a Doctor of Divinity degree from Spiritis Church and Seminary with Bishop Glenda Green in 2003, and escaped to China for over a month to study Feng Shui and become a practitioner in 2002. In between all of that, I have taken numerous certifications in Body Talk, EFT, Shamanism and dowsing. I like studying energetic systems and flow, what makes people tick and behave in certain ways, and whole-person healing and well-being. Hmmmm...One lifetime may not be enough. There are so many amazing things to learn!

Bailey Ferguson

Bailey Ferguson

When I was young, I went to yoga classes with my mom. She believed that through learning to focus my mind, slow down and connect with my body, I could channel my energy in a beautiful way. For many years my practice ebbed and flowed but was always present. Whenever life became hectic, I found refuge on my mat. As I was caring for my father through his passing, I committed to a teacher training program at the Houston Yoga and Ayurveda Ashram. This was the deepest act of self-care I could envision. With love, guidance and support, my practice became profoundly personal. I cannot count the many gifts yoga has given me, I can only work every single day to give them away. I attained a 200 Hour YTT certification in Hatha/Raja Yoga. Every day I aspire to expand my practice. Forever a student, I am learning and growing as a human, yogini and teacher.

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River Davis

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River is an international creative director + community builder, public speaker, traveling yoga educator, and yoga student. He has spent the last 11 years studying traditional yoga practices and the past 8 years helping businesses around the world develop brand based business models. River has been classically trained in India, at the 500RYT level teaching lineage based yoga around the world. His agency ‘Breakthrough Creative’ has helped develop standout creative content campaigns for businesses across 12 countries helping build a global community of responsible companies.

River is not your average “woo woo, everything is light.. la la la”, yogis, for many reasons but mainly his philosophical views on the nature of duality and that, “the experience of true light can only be attained through experiencing equivalent darkness.” His teachings are experiential and will put you face to face with the darkest point just before the dawn... and when it’s over, when you’ve made it through, that is when you will see the light in your own truth.

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Lance Westendarp


I practice here in Houston as a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, herbalist and mindful movement specialist. I teach a fun and active all-levels holistic movement class that focuses on using a variety of movement practices including yoga, strength and stability work to help people become better and more well-rounded movers, whether that means in yoga practice, at the gym when doing pushups, going on a walk through the neighborhood, or even breathing. My movement background is a combination of my work with yoga rooted in the Krishnamacharya lineage since 1999, and more recently over the last four years studying the Ido Portal Method (if you’re curious about that, google it online. It’s very interesting!). I’ve been teaching yoga and movement since 2003 and graduated from an accredited five-year naturopathic medical and acupuncture program in 2017. My schooling was followed by a primary care naturopathic residency where I worked with a wide range of patients, from kids to adults. I am also board certified in biofeedback and mind body medicine and have done a lot of advanced coursework in orthopedic and physical medicine. As a teacher and healer, my greatest passion and skill lies in helping people to become more aware of and change the habituated physical and energetic patterns that keep them from healing, staying healthy and strong, or achieving their goals and dreams. Through my own journey as a student, patient, doctor and teacher, I’ve come to believe deeply in the power of movement, breathing and stillness to help us become more compassionate and resilient human beings.

If you have any interest in learning more about my clinical practice or setting up a naturopathic and acupuncture appointment, or private lesson, please email me at

John Tran

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John Tran is a visionary, creator & a yogi. At the age of 8, John began his spiritual journey, traveling with his parents & learning meditation and Reiki from different spiritual teachers and healers. In 2008, John tried yoga for the first time with an old school friend & was immediately drawn to the peace & mindfulness that yoga brought to his life. Since then, yoga has been a central part of his life as he graduated from BIG Power Yoga’s 200 Hour RYT program to share that same healing that brought him so much joy and balance. Today, John uses a variety of modalities that he has discovered on his journey that range from Vinyasa flow, Restorative yoga, Reiki, meditation, sound healing & EFT/Meridian Tapping in his yoga sessions.  In addition to being a yoga instructor, John is also the creator & Co-Founder of YOUniverSOUL Fest, an all-day yoga/mindfulness festival based in Houston.

You can find me on Instagram here.

Joe Down

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Having been born in Houston, I am grateful to now teach yoga here near to the soil where I played as a child. There may not be mountains or pristine beaches yet I love this place and the people here! Prior to teaching yoga I was a high school teacher and a soccer coach. I learned so much from that experience. Though it was hard at times I am grateful for it now. Even more so, I am so happy to have been found by yoga.   To say that another way, you, the yoga community, found me, and brought me in, and I am so grateful.
I started practicing yoga in the summer of 2013 in Boulder, Colorado visiting family, at their suggestion. Ever since then yoga has been a a daily part of my life. Prior to this, I greatly needed the support of a loving yoga community and my yoga practice, I just did not know it. Upon returning home from Boulder I practiced yoga for a year before attending yoga teacher training at BIG Power Yoga in the fall of 2014.
Upon my graduation from teacher training I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the mentorship teaching program at BIG beginning in March 2015 and then to go on to continue teaching there after.  I have since taught around 2500 hours of yoga.
My classes are devotional and intentional, with well thought out, with precisely offered sequencing and transitions. When you come to my class, I promise to do my best to leave you in powerful, renewed experience of yourself. To me, yoga is a like a dance, a conversation, a mural of the asanas, and an artistic journey into the self. I believe that each practice is like a mirror for you to see yourself in a new and beautiful way, every single time you come to your mat.

Jasmine Mikhaylov


Namaste friends! I am so thrilled to have this opportunity teach and share my passion of yoga with you! Introduced to yoga at a young age, I never really got in to a consistent practice until I was 14 years old and I haven’t looked back since! The ability of yoga to connect you physically and metaphysically in a way that beckons peace in your life truly drew me in and continues to bring me back on the mat.

Yoga is a union of all aspects of health to achieve in oneself. In addition to this holistic discipline of health, the asana practice allows for creative, artistic expression of the body that ignites my soul. I got my 200 HR YTC in a Northern Indian city at the foothills of the Himalayas and my goal is to share with you the lessons and teachings I was lucky enough to receive in my time there. Coming to one of my classes, you should probably expect a creative vinyasa flow working on a little fun in our transitions, in a pose, or both! You will have many options in class to take the flow a step further or reel it back; I encourage students to listen to their body and breath first and foremost.

Feel free to contact me through Instagram earthlingbyyoga

Ester Lorraine


I am a 200hr - RYT with additional trainings in pranayama, meditation, and injury prevention. I completed a yoga therapeutics training (300hrs) in Austin at Yoga Yoga under the tutelage of Mark Uridel (a professor of anatomy at UT Austin, physical therapist, and experienced yoga instructor and teacher trainer) and Delora Fredrickson (winner of Austin Chronicle’s best prenatal teacher award multiple years in a row).

Despite having a strong vinyasa practice myself, and being naturally drawn to powerful styles like Forrest and Ashtanga, I choose a therapy training because creating accessibility within yoga as a core principle for teaching was and remains deeply important for me. I am blessed that I trained with such knowledgeable and sensitive individuals: they grounded me in the importance of modification, of energy body awareness, and passed on numerous pranayama and meditation techniques that I and my clients, have benefitted from over the years. Currently, I teach everything from pre/post-natal classes to power-flows and inversions! 

I found yoga while seeking techniques to heal my back and shoulders after a series of injuries when I was 21. Yoga revolutionized not only the strength and freedom I felt in my body, but opened my heart, and shifted deep-held, destructive perspectives in my mind. Yoga was, and is, a miracle that I experience daily. It has grounded me and uplifted my experience in ways in which I never thought possible. 

I am excited to share this journey with you, and honored to act as guide for your practice as YOU discover YOUR light within. 

You can find me on Instagram here.