Jennifer Clements

I am a 500 HR-RYT. I teach lightly heated, baptiste-inspired, power vinyasa flow with my own flavor. I am most excited when as a catalyst for dramatic change, I’m able to guide practitioners find the best of themselves. That smile after the first wobbly arm balance, the energy that changes from “I wish” to “I can” and that beautiful moment when the human I am with experiences those victories drives me to be engaged in every person, wondering all the time, “how can we get there together?” When I practice now I am listening to the constant feedback loop, and listening for what I can bring out of my body and back to my teaching. My practice is currently strong, athletic and balanced. I see yoga as a pathway to appreciating my body as a force and a tool, not as an object open to judgement. When practitioners come to my class they WILL sweat, move and make room for breath and personal growth. I have learned I can bring the curious yogi all sorts of opportunities, and the mat is a great place to be in the practice of seizing opportunity when it arrives. In my class, you will find many chances to play at your edge while you learn technique and mastery.


Veronica Ramos

I am a brand designer and 200 hour yoga teacher. I started practicing yoga at age 15 and have been teaching for just over 5 years. I teach baptiste-inspired, power vinyasa flow. I believe there is creativity in everything I do, say and think. When I practice and teach I’m inspired by the energy we create collectively. It leaves a long-term impact, it’s a feeling and memory I can carry with me forward to fuel my next connection. In my practice, I’ve learned to pay very close attention to what my body needs now vs. just doing a routine. I value compassion the most because it requires connecting, being vulnerable and a certain level of curiosity with one another. Anyone who comes to my class will find a powerful flow, a relatable and focused practice, while still maintaining your own level of challenge. We’ll bring constant awareness to our breath and use it to stay present to empower each pose.


Sarah Granberry

I guide vinyasa, yin yoga and meditation. I took my Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Joy Yoga in Houston with Joy in 2013 and have been teaching since. Last year I taught and practiced yoga overseas in Thailand, Bali and India. Guiding yogis through challenges, experienced on and off the mat and supporting others to trust and honor themselves– is what drives me as a yoga teacher. Yoga has taught me how to look inside myself, face myself and love myself. I encourage students to center breath at the core of their practice, intentionally integrating breath awareness and mindfulness into daily life. My light-hearted style of teaching speaks to beginners. I request all my students to drop expectations prior to starting class approaching their practice with an open heart and curious mind.



Saumil Manek  

I am a 200 HR-RYT and I guide a restorative yin-inspired, spiritual meditation. I embody YOGA as a lifestyle and I have practiced various types of yoga around the world. My extensive knowledge, much of which was picked up during my own personal journey has reinforced his commitment to teaching. I am also a powerhouse jewelry designer, my conscious designs are Yoga inspired and will weave my natural YIN energies through your daily YOGA practice. I will guide you to see your own strength and flexibility - on and off the mat. My mantra is "When you silence your mind, you awaken your soul". My classes enhance your ability to live with more presence, patience, gratitude and courage - letting go of fear, indecision and that which no longer serves you.  I combine singing bowls, peaceful movements and meditation to create a sweet, gentle and spiritual experience.



Tilly Sherwood

I am a personal chef and a 200 hour yoga teacher. I have passion for people, food and living a well balanced life. When I started my practice I was very hard on myself mentally and physically. I realized that I could not expect my body to do the same things that it did 20 years ago. That’s when learned to balance my practice between Yin Yoga and Power Flow, I started to take better care of myself and I slowed down. My intention in my teaching is meet my students where they are at right now, in their life or on their mat. You can expect a grounded, slow-moving practice and to access yoga in a new way in my classes. Being outside, riding my bike and loving on my dogs are some of my hobbies while I am not preparing meals or teaching yoga.