Group Photo

Our Story:

Montrose Yoga Cooperative was created to respond to a clear call from the Houston Yoga community for affordable, accessible, intelligent yoga. Intelligent yoga entails a working knowledge of the human anatomy, while practicing the relationship between breath and movement. Every unique sequence that is crafted begins with this physiological understanding. The teacher/owners here, hail from a variety of influences that co-create diversity in every class. We see the teacher-student relationship diluted by a structure where teachers are expected to fulfill the beliefs and ideas of an overseer; instead of responding to and prioritizing the relationship between teacher and student. Our cooperative is different in structure and a step forward to positive changes in the teacher-student relationship. Here, we listen to the needs of the community.

We considered the value in living with kindness and conducting business with a conscious. Rooted in these values, we do not sell single use plastic, we have sustainable bamboo flooring and we support local artists. We have a library of Vedic and Yogic texts because we believe knowledge will guide growth in each individual practice. We decided several owners, who’s boots are on the ground and whom practice frequently, would serve the community the way we would like to be served- as yoga community members. When deciding on our pricing structure, time and time again, we circled back to making yoga accessible and inclusive for more people.

Like so many Houstonians, we were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. After a soft opening in late August, our studio was destroyed. Several of our teacher/owners lost vehicles and property. Thankfully, with our lives and dreams intact, we were in a place to feel the support of the community as we began rebuilding and practicing the tenet of non-attachment. Our dedication to creating a cooperative environment, in the face of adversity, was rewarded with a new and larger space. Come visit and meet each of us, we are a group of leaders and yogis and we are honored to serve the Houston Yoga Community.