A general guide to the

Co-op classes

We’ve categorized our classes in a couple different groups. Every teacher has their own style, and for the most part offers accessibility for any level of yoga practitioner. See the schedule for how individual classes are categorized based on below levels.

BEGINNER (Friendly)

Beginner classes range from gentle to active and are designed to introduce newcomers to all aspects of practicing yoga, including asanas (poses) and breath. The more active classes incorporate a vinyasa flow, build upon foundational poses, and challenge you to increase your strength, stamina, and breath. The gentle classes practice more restorative poses, linking breath with movement, and finding softness in the body. See our schedule for more specific class descriptions.



Intermediate classes are designed for practitioners with some experience in a yoga practice and will help you experiment outside of your comfort zone. Each teacher brings their own particular style to any given class, but you can expect to sweat in these classes, while still attending to the details and integrity of each pose. Warm-ups, active flows, deep stretches, cool down with savasanas, and some inversions can be expected in these classes. See our schedule for more specific class descriptions.

Advanced classes are aimed at the more experienced practitioners, though all are welcome to try out and modify their practice as needed. Greater intensity, more inversions, longer holds, and more subtle instruction characterize these classes, which tend to be more active than gentle. Still, these classes maintain focus on breath and the foundations of our bodies and practices in order to support the risks you’ll take in class. See our schedule for more specific class descriptions.



Restorative classes offer access for practitioners at all levels to gentler poses, deep relaxation of muscle tissue and fascia, and loving meditation. The restorative classes draw inspiration from multiple practices, from Yin and Hatha yoga to sound bowls and other healing practices. Embrace stillness in these classes and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. See our schedule for more specific class descriptions.