Your co-op classes

A diverse offering of yoga styles


Rhythm & Flow

A 60-minute power flow complemented with music to fit the mood. Students can expect to play with their limits and step out of their comfort zones, leaving rinsed out with a fresh perspective. *Heated or lightly heated

Gentle Basics Flow

This rejuvenating flow class is focuses on the experience of being in your body and with your breath. Accessible to all levels, especially beginners, this class is a combination of gentle & dynamic flow coupled with longer holds to help find alignment in our bodies and connection to our breath. This yoga practice is catered towards those who may not have a established yoga practice, as well as to those with busy lives and need their yoga flow to ground and support them. Using vinyasa basics of connecting movement with breath, students can expect to feel open and light leaving this class. This class always includes some type of Mindfulness Meditation – a subtle but very special practice that is often overlooked. 

Foundation Flow

A 60-minute power flow in which students of all levels can expect to gain an understanding of breath and movement. Ease and stability will be created in each pose. Students will be given the tools to get out of their heads and into their bodies. *Lightly heated

Power Flow

A 60-minute,  75-minute or 90-minute power flow that’s lightly heated where you’ll be welcomed as you are. You will sweat, challenge your balance, strengthen your body and deepen your practice of breath control and steady gaze. Students can expect to play with their physical limits with the option to step out of their comfort zone, leaving rinsed out and with a fresh perspective.*Lightly heated

Advanced Power Vinyasa

A 90-minute advanced flow for students with a strong, committed practice, looking to explore deeper postures. Inspired by Anusara, Bhakti and Baptiste, you can expect to twist, bind, invert, backbend and arm balance. *Lightly heated


A 60 or 90-minute class in which students will move quickly to warm the body and prepare for a deep yin-based finish. You can expect to build strength and to meet effort with ease, accessing a deep muscle release.  You'll be asked to play and step outside your comfort zone and leave feeling revitalized and refreshed. *Lightly heated

Rest & Restorative

A 60-minute restorative non-heated class which moves slowly, allowing you to deeply explore 4-6 asana poses. These classes are offered with sound healing and guided meditation but also, in silence. You can expect to relax while stretching the day-to-day stress out of your body. You can expect to leave feeling rested and revitalized. *Not heated

Candlelight Flow

Decompress after Monday, and the madness that can often come with it. This class starts with a creative vinyasa based approach, so expect to sweat a little, but the last thirty minutes we'll explore deep openings and slower longer holds. This practice will leave you light, calm, collected and ready to move through your week with mindfulness! *Lightly heated

Yin Yoga

(Pajama Yin)

A slow-paced 60-minute class intended to stretch the deep connective tissues allowing for a release. These postures will be held, between anywhere from three to six minutes. Flexibility in the joints can sometimes decrease and Yin can help prevent this. Yin serves as a parallel to a “yang” or “Power Flow” practice. *Not heated

Spiritual Principles & Asana

You can expect a 60-minute, lightly heated Power Flow, that is Baptiste inspired. Each week we will work with an intention drawn from one of the 12 Spiritual Principles of AA: 1) Surrender, 2) Hope, 3) Faith, 4) Courage, 5) Integrity, 6) Willingness, 7) Humility, 8) Brotherly Love, 9) Discipline, 10) Perseverance, 11) Spiritual Awareness & 12) Service. Immediately following is an OPEN AA meeting in the Nook! Tea and other treats will be there as well!